After over a decade of neglect, it begins

The rebuild was very slow. Working on other people’s scooters all day long, didn’t leave enough motivation to work on my own. Work happened very sporadically. One small piece at a time. The front hub was one of the first pieces done. I decided I wanted some subtlety in the schema, so starting with the “i” cap for the disc, all formerly polished and chromed pieces were going to be powder coated a satin black. I really liked the results. After that came the hard part. Picking the paint colors for the body.

Old pic

This is one of the oldest pictures I have of my TV200. Pictures at that time were something that required effort, or more accurately a camera and film. Which I didn’t have back then.It was original paint when I got it. Sadly, I didn’t have the appreciation for original paint and patina in those long ago days. This is the second time I painted it. The first was rattlecan lacquer, which while nicer than rattlecan enamel, still lacks something in the finesse departnment. So, I repainted with proper automotive paint.